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About Karol Reber

A painting only lives by the person who looks at it

Self-taught artist, Karol Reber discovered a passion for drawing and painting at a very young age and therefore began to cultivate this desire. He started drawing in pencil. This period helped him to establish his lines and the outline of his paintings. In 1998, color appeared. This step allowed him to study the color palette, adapt it to his paintings, understand the rules of complementarity and contrasts.

Painter's workshop.jpg

In 2000, he discovered oil painting and its wonders. This technique has become his easiest means of expression.

Figurative painting has this merit, compared to that which we call abstract, that it does not allow the artist to "cheat", to hide deficiencies under flashy varnishes where, once these have been scraped away, once the superficiality and the part of smoke and mirrors have been denounced, only ease remains, all that abstract art, when it is not sincere expression or simply formal beauty, has of lightness, banal and impersonal. Karol Reber is resolutely figurative, even if he tried abstract art, purely out of a taste for research.


Karol Reber offers a variety of services, including: - Custom paintings - Custom orders - Original canvas sales.

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